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  1. Area Housing, Lodging, and Assisted Living

  2. Annual Budget

    View the latest town budget.

  3. Town Departments Directory

    Check out the contact information for town staff.

  4. Contacting Water Company

    Learn how to contact the local water company.

  5. Demographics

    Access the latest demographic information for the town.

  6. How to Volunteer

    Check out available volunteer opportunities.

  7. Pay Taxes

    Obtain information about paying your taxes with the town.

  8. Register a Vehicle

    Find out how to register a vehicle with the Town of Skowhegan.

  9. Register of Deeds

    Check out the Register of Deeds' responsibilities and services for the town residents.

  10. Renew Drivers License

    Utilize this information to renew your Drivers License.

  11. Skowhegan Maps

    View maps of the town.

  12. Skowhegan State Fair

    Look through information about the upcoming Skowhegan State Fair.

  13. Start a Business

    Read about how to start a business within the town limits.

  14. Somerset Explorer bus service