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Skowhegan Police Department
Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Skowhegan Police Department is a dedicated and diverse group of professionals who are committed to working with the community to make the Town of Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Our mission is to partner with the community to solve problems and improve public safety in a manner that is fair, impartial, transparent, and consistent.  We work in partnership with our community to improve the quality of life by reducing fear, maintaining order and enforcing the laws of Maine.


It is the vision and goal of the Skowhegan Police Department to continue to grow and adapt to our ever changing community, and to provide the highest level of service and protection to our citizens. This is accomplished by providing our officers with the tools and knowledge to meet and exceed all present and future needs within the scope of police services. We will work in cooperation with our community to proactively address identified areas of needed improvement and to continually provide the level of service and safety so deserved by the Skowhegan community.

Core Values:



Commitment to the Community