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Yankee Woodlot

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Starting at the intersection of US Routes 2 and 201 (Main Street and Water Street), take US Route 2 (Water Street) east one block and make a sharp left onto Russell Street (US Route 2 West). At the next intersection, continue straight onto Elm Street for another 0.9 miles. The trails start at the University of Maine Somerset Extension, which will be on your right.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension maintains trails on its property for the specific purpose of teaching landowners about woodlot management. This trail, through the free brochure available in the Extension office, provide a wealth of information about the typical mixed forest lands found throughout much of Maine. The brochure guides the hiker on the counter-clockwise tour and identifies numbered sites—which are described in the brochure—as well as metal tags, which identify many of the trees and ferns in the woodlot.
From black cherry and apple trees to hemlock, spruce, and fir, these mostly wooded trails contain a vast bounty of wildlife and plant species. About three-quarters of the way around the loop is a dammed pond, which was constructed to provide additional wetlands habitat. Beyond the dam is a section called the Trail of Thoughts. Spaced at regular intervals are small plaques with quotations related to woodlands, hiking, and the outdoors by a variety of famous poets and philosophers. These plaques offer interesting prompts for contemplation in a serene setting.

Other Information
It is advisable to follow the trail in a counter-clockwise direction. Trail markers and blazes are keyed for hiking for that direction; hiking clockwise could result in losing the trail. Although it is possible to hike more quickly, allow an hour or two to fully comprehend the brochure and plaques along the Trail of Thoughts. Parts of the trail may be uneven due to rocks, roots, and mud; boots are suggested.

Yankee Woodlot Trail