Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration in Maine generally requires payment of an excise tax to the municipality in which the vehicle is kept and a registration fee to the State of Maine. The Town of Skowhegan acts as an agent for the State, most re-registrations and many first-time registrations are processed by the Town eliminating the need for a separate transaction with the state.


  • Requirements for re-registration of a motor vehicle include:
  • Current Registration
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Vehicle Mileage from Odometer Reading
  • Re-registrations may be completed in-person, by-mail, or online.
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First Time Registrations

First-time registrations must be performed in-person at the Municipal Building.

Requirements if Purchased from Dealer or Private Sale

  • Dealer Invoice or Bill of Sale
  • Manufacturer's Window Sticker (if vehicle is new)
  • Maine Title Application
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Vehicle Mileage from Odometer Reading
  • Current Registration (if transferring plates from your current vehicle)
  • Previous Owner's Title and Lien Release (if purchased in private sale)
  • Estates - If the vehicle is purchased or acquired from an estate, additional documentation is required -please call ahead

Requirements if Previously Registered to You in Another State

  • Title from state where last registered.
  • Registration from state where last registered.
  • Proof of Insurance meeting requirements of Maine law.
  • Vehicle Mileage from Odometer Reading.

Vehicle Excise Tax

Unless exempt, the payment of an excise tax is required in order to register a vehicle. The amount of the tax is based on the maker's list price when new (manufacturer's suggested retail price) and the current age of the vehicle. The tax is equal to $24.00 dollars per thousand on each dollar of the maker's list price for the first or current year of model, $17.50 per thousand for the second year, $13.50 per thousand for the third year, $10 per thousand for the fourth year, $6.50 per thousand for the fifth year and $4.00 per thousand for the sixth and succeeding years. The minimum tax on a motor vehicle is $5.00. Excise tax is retained by the municipality and may be appropriated for any purpose for which a municipality may appropriate money.