Landlords and Management Companies

This list below DOES NOT state the size, accommodations available or ADA compliance. Some housing is specific to Senior Citizens and there may be a waiting list.

Affordable Housing in Somerset County

Landlord Resources
Central Maine Apartment Owners Association 207-660-9092
Allied Realty 187 Madison Ave, Skowhegan 207-474-9553
A & F Realty   207-431-0033
Darrell Blodgett II Rent Property Management 207-858-6279
Jeff Foss II Rent Property Management 207-858-5300
Dennis Caron   207-696-3262
Mary Cayford Country Cottage Lodging 207-474-9820
Brady Chapman   207-474-0550
Cornerstone Property Management   207-474-9553 ext 111
CrossWay LLC   207-368-4970
Whitney Cunliffe Walton Court Luxury Appartments 207-474-2432/207-491-9747
Gilbert Durrell   207-778-2227
J Family 357 LLC (Gaetane Johnson) 207-592-1554
Craig Jewell   207-474-7238
Reggie Michaud   207-362-2141/207-861-1116
Jeffrey & Susan Quinn   207-474-5253
Lynda Quinn   207-474-3039
Russell & Joyce Savage   207-474-5848
Joe Wyman   207-399-8887

Low Income and Senior Housing

DC Rentals Senior Housing  207-227-4160
Dirigo Management   207-871-1080
Indian Ridge Apartments   207-474-6725
Longmeadow Apartments Senior Housing 207-474-5233
Propsys   1-800-539-0142
Standford Management   207-772-3399
Stevens Manor Senior Housing 207-474-0231
William Sylvain Senior Housing 207-474-5469