Southgate Industrial Park


Skowhegan Southgate Industrial Park
Southgate Lots

Southgate Industrial Park is located off of Route 201, 1.4 miles north of Sappi Fine Paper Plant on the Southgate Parkway. View aerial map. View regional aerial map.

The facility utilizes the following utilities:

  • Power - 3 Phase Power has been installed in front of lots one through five
  • Water - Private Wells
  • Septic - Onsite Sewage Systems
  • Drainage - Lots one through five will be able to tie into storm drainage system in road

Lots Available

Lot Number
Lot 2
3.29 acres

Lots Sold

Lot Number
Lot 1
6.7 acres
Lot 3
4.96 acres
Lot 4
2.8 acres
Lot 5
12.20 acres
Lot 6
6.7 acres

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