Solid Waste Haulers Section

Requirements of Waste Haulers

The Skowhegan’s Licensed Solid Waste Management Ordinance requires commercial haulers of waste and recyclables to purchase a haulers license to work in Skowhegan. The license must be renewed on an annual basis by March 31. Any person who seeks to serve the town as a commercial hauler, to collect and deliver waste collected in Skowhegan to the town’s contracted disposal facility must have a valid commercial license issued by the town.

All recyclable material must be delivered to the Skowhegan Recycling Facility.

The administrative requirements for purchasing a Commercial Haulers License are as follows:
  • Copy(s) of current vehicle registration(s) for any vehicle that will be used in the ordinary course of business.
  • Copy(s) of State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection Non-Hazardous Waste Transporters License.
  • Show proof of compliance with federal regulation(s) for substance and alcohol testing.
  • Certificate of Insurance generated for the town of Skowhegan showing at a minimum, General Liability insurance coverage of $400,000.
  • A $ 350 annual licensing fee is required to be paid to the Town of Skowhegan.
  • Owner or authorized representatives signature.

Additional Information that may be Requested

The following information must be provided to the town if requested.
  • Route sheets for all routes serviced in the Town of Skowhegan.
  • Disposal tickets for up to two years prior to a request by the town, to review such records.